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The Selective Service System Requirments

The Selective Service System is reminding students that under current law all male US citizens between 18–25 years of age, born after January 1, 1960 are required to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. In addition, non-US citizen men between the ages of 18 and 25 (inclusive) living in the United States must register.

A young man who fails to register with Selective Service may be ineligible for opportunities that may be important to his future. He must register to be eligible for federal student financial aid, state-funded student financial aid in many states, most federal employment, some state employment, security clearance for contractors, job training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (formerly known as the Workforce Investment Act), and U.S. citizenship for immigrant men.

The California state average for 18yr old men who registered with the Selective Service last year was less than 57%. While that percentage should increase closer to the national average of 70%.

As a result, the Selective Service is starting a new “grassroots” program at the high school level to increase awareness and we’re asking for your assistance in your high school.  Ideally we would like to have one or more of your staff members designated as your school’s Selective Service System “Registrar”.  The Registrar would be a point of contact that we can email flyers and information to about Registration and that your students can go to if they need assistance with the Selective Service System registration.  We will gladly provide all the information needed to assist your staff member or the student. 

The requirements are that the staff member be over the age of 18, a U.S. citizen and that they have registered for the Selective Service System (if required to do so). Those staff members will be asked to fill out one of our Registrar’s applications so that they can be officially appointed by our Agency Director and their contact information maintained in our database.


Using current technology young men can register by using their smartphones. As questions may arise during the registration process, our goal is to have someone at the school students can go to with questions. I am not providing the website address in this email as I do not want this email to be perceived as a phishing attempt.

The Selective Service System is merely trying to make sure the word gets out to as many young men as possible so they are aware of the current law and do not miss out on benefits that are afforded to them by registering.